Monday, August 4, 2014

Journey Deep Beneath The Surface

Guide Tray Heinke,

If you’re like me and are always searching for a new challenge and a bit of adventure.A visit to Laurel Caverns in nearby Farmington, PA just off Rout 40 East is just the ticket. Laurel Caverns is the ultimate underground experience for those willing to take a deep breath, collect themselves and discover the many aspects of cave exploration. The caverns offer educational field trips; cave repelling and spelunking ( upper cave and lower caver ) which is a seasoned adventurer’s way of saying cave exploring.

Ben Williams,guided leads vistors throw a narrow passages in the low cave at the Laurel Caves.

Laurel Caverns even offers an interesting gift shop which features souvenirs such as tee shirts and hoodies which can be worn like a badge of courage after you’ve completed your three hour journey deep beneath the surface.If you do decide to accept the challenge you can rest assured you won’t be going at it alone. After paying your admission you will be provided with a well qualified guide who will escort you throughout the tour and will be more than happy to provide safety instructions and explain the use of the required cave gear needed to navigate your way through the earthly wonder which at certain points descends in excess of forty five stories. Additional information regarding Laurel Caverns can be found by logging on to by calling 724-438-3003.The experience is not only beneficial to both mind and body, cave exploring can also foster new relationships with fellow explorers while on tour. It’s surprising what you can learn about someone after spending three hours with them underground to say nothing of your own state of mind.And take note that there are no elevators to bring you up to the surface. You must depend on yourself or your newfound friend’s strong backs to transport you to the world as you know it. The next time you’re thinking about finding something challenging and interesting to do, consider joining the underground movement at Laurel Caverns.

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