Monday, May 5, 2008

Sun Fish

When I was a child I could not wait to go fishing with my dad and grandfather. The night before the trip, we would go out after dark to search for nightcrawlers. My job was to hold the flashlight and then it was off to bed. I could hardly sleep. I was the first one up and dressed, setting in the dark, waiting and ready to go and wondering if I was going to catch anything.

There was something about the experience that was truly magical to me!

It has been years sense I have held a fishing pole. But when I hold my camera and look through the lens, I experience that same magical feeling of never knowing what images I will catch.

Giovanni Biagini, 5, of Jefferson Borough catches a fish at 84 Lakes while fishing with his father, Sean.

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Amanda Gillooly said...

How cute is that little boy with his big boots!! I've never been fishing and I'm determined to learn this summer with my boyfriend. Maybe you can give me some tips?