Saturday, February 16, 2008

'It's Been Long Enough'

I stood with family members and friends waiting for the arrival of the
2nd Bridge Combat Team of the Pennsylvania National Guard returning from Iraq.

I could feel their anticipation and excitement. They were holding yellow balloons, banners and flowers. When the procession of buses pulled up and the doors opened, the crowd burst into celebration.

It was hard for me to focus, I was completely overwhelmed.

I wandered my way through the crowd hoping I could capture an image that would reflect the power of their homecoming.

Back at the O-R, I sat at my desk still feeling the force of their reunion. I have never experienced anything like this before. I was swept away in their joy.

I could see the process of narrowing it down to one or two photos was going to be difficult. So many pictures reflected emotion, tears and loved ones embracing each other.

Then I came to an image that made me cry, I knew this was the one.

Hillary Sweeney of Holbrook gets a big hug from her parents, Louise and John Sweeney.

Sweeney is a specialist with the 2nd Bridge Combat Team of the Pennsylvania National Guard.


Anonymous said...

You know the expression " a picture paints a thousand words" ?
well, this photo says exactly what this family must have been feeling.
great photo !

Anonymous said...

I cried too. It must have been such a relief for mom to have her baby come home.